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Looking after ourselves

Re: Just checking in.

@Maggie ❀ How are you? Missed seeing you this morning too. Hope you're OK/Okish

Re: Just checking in.

Hi @CheerBear i owe you an apology for an earlier post. I used the dreaded words "at least"......not so cool on my behalf. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to minimise what you were going through. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking it would be cool if that happened to me instead of my usual reactions but I know we all have different things that make us feel huge discomforts and I don’t think I acknowledged that very well.

How has your day been? 


Re: Just checking in.

Sorry @CheerBear i havent been able to reply. i am trying so hard to hold myself together but struggling to continue to. feeling so alone and lost in a massive world that i dont really belong to. overwhelmed and so ... tired... of everything. 


i know lots have been struggling here and ive no right to complain. hope that your weekend goes ok and that the people helping you continue to do so respectfully and helpfully so you can get to the break place. take care of you as best you can, i hope that it does help.. i care a lot, i wish i could be more useful here, there are many i care about here. 

take care

Re: Just checking in.

Glad you checked in @lisajane

CHeers @Mazarita @CheerBear @Teej

Re: Just checking in.

πŸ’œπŸ’ @lisajane ..... missing you.

Re: Just checking in.

Good Night @Faith-and-Hope Lovely to see you around.

I need to check out.

Take Care Forumites

Smiley Happy



Re: Just checking in.

Hugs @Appleblossom .... always good to see you πŸ’•

Re: Just checking in.

Thanks @Faith-and-Hope@Teej@CheerBear

There's a bunch of different things and it would be too long and complicated to say them all even if I want support for some of the stuff. 

Re: Just checking in.

@Teej big hugs and thank you for the check in. I am not getting all email notifications and missed this last night. You have nothing to be sorry for, truly. I don't know what post you're talking about and I'm thinking that's because I would have taken it how I think you meant it - with genuine care and possibly a 'joking funny' or 'bright side' both which I do really do value and appreciate, especially when they come from a friend. My day yesterday was pretty rollercoastery. I had a really good appointment with the catt worker, one I probably won't forget for a long time. I then spent the rest of the day in hormotional exhausted land. I have my assessment for break place admission this morning, and have to tell the kids tonight which I am absolutely dreading (like last night wanted to call quits on the whole break thing because this feels so bad). One step at a time though. Wondering how your day was yesterday and how you're going? And it's OK if you're not up to or wanting to share. Thinking of you πŸ’™

@lisajane big hugs for you also and thank you for your wishes. I'm sorry to hear you're lost, overwhelmed, alone, and feeling like you don't belong - that's really hard stuff. I know and feel you care about here and about many here, and that you have for a long time. I also understand it hasn't been easy for a while. I don't want to push you but I (like lots of others) am here caring about you also, wanting to walk with you. I don't want to be annoying by asking how you're going when maybe you don't want to share, but am interested if you do. πŸ’› for you and your littles.

@TheVorticon I have a sneaking suspicion lots of us do long and complicated well. It's very tricky to start though, or to know where and how to start when things are long and complicated. It feels like a big ball of tangled mess to me sometimes that can leave me with a giant 'it's too much'. Keep chipping away at it if you want to though. One day it might detangle, even a little.

❀ to all

Re: Just checking in.

Morning everyone .....

Just listening here.


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