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Something’s not right


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

I found it interesting that "Beyond Good and Evil" had short numbered paragraphs. Not sure if you have read it.  I have only read a few chapters.  I like Nietzche in small doses.

Woman Happy

I am really sorry that your sleep is that bad @Jacques

panic attacks are terrible.

I have had a lot of trouble with sleep until last couple of years.  Now my meds help me regulate it.

Have you discussed it with your doctor?

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hi @Jacques


I have not heard the term self serving panic attacks,  are you able to explain to me what you mean by this?



Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi @Darcy,


sorry i was not so clear, it probably isn't a medical term, it is just the only way i can describe it, what i call self serving panic attacks is getting anxous about getting anxous about something, so i get panic attacks of a night about different things, now i find i start to have panic attacks about 30 min before i got to bed because i know i will have a panic attack when i try to go to sleep. 


does that make any sense? im not sure anymore, all i know is night times terrify me now, they cause so much stress and so much damage to my health both mentally and physically


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis


Think I have it ... an anticipatory panic attack about the likelihood that you will have a panic attack because you afraid of the dark ...



Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis


images (61).jpeg




Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hello @Jacques HeartHeart

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hi my dear friend @Shaz51 and Mr Shaz, I hope things are going OK for you and Mr Shaz, my partner is still in the MHU, but she is keeping her spirits up and I'm supporting her as much as I can, she is so strong and we are now going for a walk each day to keep each other motivated

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

images (83).jpeg


Sorry it is pink @Jacques

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi everyone, my partner made an attempt on her life today, some inconsiderate person made fun of women being raped and she got really upset, how are we ever going to change the mind set in ment to respect women, when the attitues are so set in. i wish women would stop being blamed for mens inability to control their urges, women are not property they are huma nbeings, and deserve to be treated equaly to everyone else, no man has the right to ever force them selves onto a woman, under any curcumstances, and i wish more women would speak up and have these men arrested for the crimes they commit. 


im so devistated i could not stop her making an attempt, i thought my love and caring would be enough, i am keeping her safe tonight, the nursing staff in the MHU are not up to caring for her. i so wish there was more staff training and more education for all mental health professionals on what we go through every day, i know no one can ever truly understand what it is like if they have never experianced it. sorry for the rant. im so upset

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Oh @Jacques I am so very sorry to hear this, sitting here if you need to 'talk' more.


Remember there is the suicide support line if you need to talk to someone in person.

For urgent assistance, call: