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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

What now?

I have been out of hospital for a few days now and it only made things worse while I was in hospital I tried to hurt myself (by hurt myself I mean end it all) 3 times in one week and then lied to my stupid and rude doctor who was dumb enough to believe me and he let me leave after I said I was fine which I am not but I couldn't stay and that disgusting place another day and I am never going back as such I must be very careful about what I say to people around me so they don't know that I am still actively trying to hurt myself but I am running out of things to try. What on earth am I supposed to do now I mean I suppose I could keep trying to hurt myself until something eventually works but if it isn't working what do I do? I honestly don't think anyone can help me and hospital only made thing even worse and I can't go to another hospital because there isn't another one where I live and I am just done I have nothing left.... what do I do now? 


Re: What now?

hearing you @Eden1919 im sorry things are so tough

Re: What now?

Hi @Eden1919

Sounds like you're feeling trapped with the current treating team/hospital closest to you and are trying to find some relief for the emotions you are feeling. I am concerned about how you are thinking of coping but I'm glad you are reaching out. I will be sending you an email.

Regards, thecolourblue

Re: What now?

@Eden1919 Hi Eden1919 sorry to hear things are going so bad for you. I have had dud psyciatrists in the past and a dud hospital (I will never go back to it either or send my son back to it ether for that matter). Time to go back to your gp and be honest and say you need help which your current pdoc is not giving you and can you be referred to someone else.


I now have a great pdoc but it has taken awhile and alot of begging to getto this point. Don't give up though. Let me know how you go. love gp xxxx

Re: What now?

@thecolourblue@I am currently unable to reply to emails so whoever was concerned i am fine and dont really appreciate the contacting of other services without talking to me first or giving me a chance to reply if this was not sane's doing then please ignore this post. 

Re: What now?

Hi @Eden1919, we're glad to hear you're safe and have connected with support. Take care of yourself 🌻

Re: What now?

How are you now @Eden1919? Sometimes I find the nights when I am vulnerable particularly hard.


Please know you are in my thoughts Heart

Re: What now?

@Queenie still not good i am really done with all this i dont want to do it anymore i have an appointment in a few days with a new psychologist for my eating issues but i am nervous and doubt she can help me anyway. i just cant take it anymore. 

Re: What now?

@Eden1919 I really hope it's a good appointment and it somehow helps you. You deserve to be happy and settled in life. Please let us know how it goes.

Re: What now?

@Eden1919 i know its very hard to keep going and to keep pushing on but your doing the best you can and thats all anyone can ask.
i hope your session goes well for you and its the start of a new chapter for you

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