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Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

hugs @lapses HeartHeart

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Any wonder dad was confused a few weeks there,  not just the reaction to new medication (for incontinence) but he has UTI (urinary tract infection) - the results finally back from lab.  And interesting - his sleep and humour have returned since ABs. 


Haha,  thats funny (must b tired) just had a vision / dream of 

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Lovely to hear Dad improved  @lapses finding bananas in the kettle isn't desirable.


You must be tired ...  did not quire finish post 😀


Hope you receive a blessing today.

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

That’s from me too @lapses .... ❤️

Hi @Darcy 👋 

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Thanks Darcy, Faith-and-hope. Must of been 'Sleep Texting' again lol Something to do with a well dressed secret agent searching for something important we need for dad... ... bank... ... Oh well,  reckon the brain is far more creative in sleep.


Beautiful day here. What are you doing?


I not long got back from church & served yum cheese tomatoe pepper rol & pkt cappuccino yum. B t made mistake of giving him the paper, think he's coffee's cold.
Judy Garland's on pay tv singing "have yourself a merry little christmas" in the 1944 movie "Meet Me in St Louis" ... Oh dear some kid's chucking tantrum bashing the heads off snowmen, yikes! Such violence in an oldtime movie lol

Might get in the garden this arvo ❤

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Na, didnt make it to the garden. Just find myself sitting and starring a lot. 'mind shutdown or something. Maybe nervous exhaustion. But still got some washing & cooking done. Only cause nobody else is here to do it
Dad has a new toy, an electric recliner. Eases the back pain to be able to lay back. It only has 2buttons - up or down so theres little confusion there.
Having trouble accessing Carers Forum tonight and not getting notifications... Hi to @Faith-and-Hope, @Shaz51, @Darcy


Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Hi @lapses

Quick check in.


Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Hi Darcy, how are you?

Re: Depression Dementia Dad

Finally sorted out my shoulder pain - had cortisone inj yesterday for bursitis Smiley Sad hope it works 😩

Dad's month long bad confusion... has settled after 2 courses of ABs - turns out it was a UTI more than nllw pills. Kidneys suffered (fluid buildup) & heart strain & skin integrity issues & dr visits... for weeks 😲 bit of a medical juggling act here but back to stable.
DVA gave him a new elec leather recliner this week - his new toy 😱.

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