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Something’s not right

Re: A long rave

See I can talk and share naturally about life with all you women here, without limiting it to makeup, fashion, food, boys and nappies.  It has meant that I can relate more easily to the girly females I meet in real life.  Without expectation, and letting go some of my old hurts, because I now feel female enough, my way.

Thanks @eth



Re: A long rave

7.30am. Another long sleep since 8.30pm last night. More troubled dreams. A flared up mouth ulcer on waking. But only small signs of those head pains. I think that might be related to getting such a lot of sleep yesterday (most of the day and the night before). Have been feeling depressed (part of the reason for the huge sleeping yesterday). And, since my last video was completed, bored and restless within the confines of my life (but no motivation to start a new video yet). Without video making, my life seems empty and full of long blank spaces of time.

On a more positive note, the dental clinic rang yesterday and changed one of my appointments to today instead of later. So the first of my many fillings should be done this afternoon. Glad the extensive repairs on my mouth are about to start happening. I might even get to visit my friend again afterwards. So not such a bad day ahead.

Hi, @Appleblossom@outlander@eth@CheerBear@greenpea@Exoplanet, and everyone, hope the day starts off well for all, and keeps getting better. Heart

Re: A long rave

@Mazarita Hi Mazzy 'bored with the confines of your life' yes I can relate to that but also know that is where I am safest unfortunately. Good luck with the dentist today and I hope you are well enough to see your friend afterwardsmSmiley Happyxxxx.

Re: A long rave

Morning everyone ☺👋

Sorry to hear you have those depressed, restless feelings @Mazarita. Do you have another video project in mind for when you feel up to starting?

Great to hear that your teeth fixing works are beginning sooner than expected. Hoping the appointment is OK for you today.

I've been up since silly o'clock again as again I didn't take my medication last night. I'm struggling to take it with the kids around as it feels unnerving to think of being knocked out here. I need to see my GP pretty soon about it but she's on holidays and booked out for weeks 🙄 Kind of kicking myself that I didn't think to make an appointment in advance with her a few weeks ago but hopefully she'll squeeze me in when she returns from her break. Plus side is I have spent my mornings looking into all kinds of interesting things. Today it was tiny mobile DIY houses and minimalist living - it seemed so appealing in the early quiet hours on my own 😆

We're off on a bit of an adventure today somewhere fun and the little crew are excited and happy about it, and again up and moving nice and early ☺

Hope today is one with good in it for all 💗

Re: A long rave

@Mazarita@CheerBear@Appleblossom@eth@outlander and all who pass wishing all formites a wonderful Friday. Lots of love the pea xxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks @greenpea 😊 Wishing you a hap-pea Friday

Re: A long rave

@greenpea, yes I am safest within the confines of my life too. The boredom and restlessness seems a bipolar symptom to me. I remember it all too well and for many years, when less effectively medicated. In general I hate routine, seems to sap all the life out of life. Yet routine is supposed to be 'good for us'. Dammit. Smiley Tongue

I hope your day is great, lil pea. Heart

@CheerBear, I have other video projects in mind but the thought of starting one just makes me weary at the moment. What a pity there's no immediate appointment with the GP for you. Hope that comes up very quickly. I'd say take the meds anyway. I'm sure you would wake up if there was noise happening in the house. Many people with children go 'out like a light', I imagine, with no dangerous effect. I understand how hypervigilance might seem like a natural state though. I feel it myself to some degree. Great that you have an enjoyable adventure with the LF ahead. Hope it's a lovely day for you all. Heart


Re: A long rave

@Mazarita So true Mazzy so true .... i

Re: A long rave

I can understand how thinking about a new project might be making you feel that way @Mazarita. I feel it with my crochet stuff to an extent also.

I'll think about taking it anyway. It probably is that almost constant hypervigilant state that's making it extra hard to do at home. It's so foreign to me to have the edge taken off on guard mode, even in my sleep, that total switch off from it feels too much. But maybe it's not. Like routine, apparently sleep is good for us too 😉😆

Re: A long rave

@CheerBear cute I haven't used that one yet 'hap-pea' I will have to remember it Smiley Very Happy xxx

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